Sunday, August 3, 2008


I haven't gotton any stitching done at all in weeks. I have been scrapbooking with my friend Shay and Geocashing with her and her family. Besides the spiders, big black snakes and mosquitos we did alright. I popped this pick of my little monkey down at Reflections Park. Well if you call a dock and a lake a park then yeah the park lol. I can't believe school starts the 18th already. She starts the 2nd grade and Nicholas will be in pre-k. 3 hours with no kids, what will I do with myself.

With the bad influence of Shay my husband bought my a Cricut machine to scrapbook and make cards with. I explained that it would also be good forthe kids school projects when I cut out big letters and stuff. He was sweet and I so owe him. Just wait though I am almost done with my 1st paper bag album. Deana is making 2 at the same time. One for a friend and one for herself. I'll post mine here when I'm done. I did at least kit up a couple projects for stitching just in case I get the itch again soon. Later for now~


Petra said...

Your daughter is adorable. I can't believe people are even in the planning stages of returning back to school, the summer flies! Every year a little quicker. sigh One day I might try scrap booking, but I worry about all the "stuff" you need, LOL! Stitching stash already is overtaking my room.

Kim said...

GeoCaching is so mcuh fun...A great way to spend some family time while enjoying the outdoors.

Have fun with your new Cricut machine...