Monday, September 28, 2009

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...really I haven't!!

OK so I haven't gotton any stitching or scrapbooking done BUT for a very good reason. Both the kids are in school this year and I am now off the SAHM roster. I started working part time the day the kids went back to school. Steph has homework 4 nights a week and Nick has homework only on the weekends. I think the school sends it home just so mom and dad can't have a relaxing weekend lol.

I need to finish up my Halloween Ornament for my partner and get it in the mail by the 30 (yes 3 days away) and then get started on my Christmas Ornament Exchange. I also want to make a blanket and a scrapbook for my nieces new baby girl due to arrive in November. I know someone take something off this plate of mine. Should I through in I have 10 Christmas Ornament orders and 6 scissor fob orders to make for Christmas.

Things are going good so far and I have lost 10 lbs since I started working. Which means I started actually eating a breakfast and getting a lunch in instead of spending lunch time driving to pick Nick up from school. And Harry has been cooking dinner the nights I work late. It is nice coming home to a warm meal (and I didn't have to stop and pick it up or cook it) He enjoys helping and knows I don't want him anywhere near my washer and dryer.

Well there is my good excuse now I am going to bed. Busy day tomorrow!!