Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain Rain has finally started to go away

Before the rain came to wash us away I got some gardening done. I added new flowers to the fence and added a border to the left so I can put my grandmothers Madonna statue there. As you can see my pumpkin has gone amazon and actually has jumped the border on both sides. Forthought would have been to read up about pumpkins before planting it there because they get up to 25ft long. I also get the feeling I will be making pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, hmm what else can you make with a pumpkin lol.
The pea plants have given us nice peas to eat. The kids check them every day to see who gets to find and eat them. So I started some more buds to add. I thought my neighbors would take issue to my garden in the front yard but all I have gotton is how nice it is.
I had a nice fountain that finally kicked the bucket and didn't want to pay out the $35 for a new pump so I turned it into a planter in my back yard under one of my jasmine vines. We have vines one each side of the fences that smell so nice.
Next up is redoing the back plant bed. I put new mulch down, still need to trim the Hibiscus and have 5 new planters I stil need to pick plants for. I find the less expensive the plant to buy the longer it last. Those ones are so durable to rain, sun and cold.
Excuse my long grass in the pictures, we are getting to where we will have to start cutting it twice a week.