Monday, March 9, 2009

Can't believe I haven't had any crafty finishes

So I haven't been stitching, or scrapbooking, or beading BUT I have been gardening lol. We finally got the giant queen palm tree in our front yard cut down. Harry (my husband) told me to make sure I don't pull in the wrong driveway now. Listen I only did that once and it was when we bought the house lol.

I tore out a large 4'x6' patch of grass to start the new plant bed. While out there working my behind off the neighbors seemed to be interested in why my front yard was being rearranged lol. One came over and asked what I was doing I told her my plans and she said will I come design hers next. I laughed then realized she was serious lol.

I also took some new pictures of the kids while they were riding their scooters in the front yard last weekend. They are growing so fast. I took some pictures of the neighbors DD and now she has hired me to do a family picture of her and her daughter. I am excited as it is my 3rd paid Photography job.

Shay and I also did some mad Geocaching last week. On Monday we got 15 and on Thursday we got 20. I wanted to go tomorrow but my allergies have gone crazy and I don"t think it would be wise to go trekking through the woods lol.