Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disney Scrapbook 1st 4 pages

I started a Disney scrapbook for my sils trip to dianey with her husband and 3 of the kids. They had never been as a family and I've never seen her have a photo album so thought she would like something she could enjoy instead of something she has to dust. Here are the 1st 4 pages. One the 1st one I added a picture of all of them standing in front of the castle. The second page will have a picture of the baby giving tigger a high 5. The 3rd picture is of the baby carrying around a stuffed mickey mouse. And the last picture will be put on the page of the baby sleeping with mickey and winnie the pooh in his crib.

I'm not doing the pages in any order. I have more done but still have to take pictures of them. I accidently already added pictures to some before I could take pictures of the pages so you'll get to see some of the munchkins. I'm only making an 8x8 album because I find the 12x12 akward and hard to store.